David Almond David
“We write in order to
celebrate and to make
some sense of our
astonishing world.”
Fay Weldon Fay
“In the beginning:
the Word.”
Nathan Filer Nathan
“We write to
reach through time and space,
to have our thoughts exist in
the minds of others, to be
misunderstood in ever more
interesting ways.”

Writing for All

We want to make writing part of our national life - an art for everyone - and for writing and media industries to be more representative of the country as a whole. We’re doing this through our Writing For All programme, and we need your help.

The Great Margin Showcase

Head over to The Great Margin Showcase to read innovative, moving, and insightful pieces on marginalisation and isolation by writers and writing educators across the country.

The Writer's Cycle

Available now! The Writer’s Cycle is a valuable free resource to help writing educators create workshops, programmes, events and more which respond to the needs of their students. Get started discovering your writing cycle.

Time to Write

We have now awarded our Time to Write commissions to break down barriers to writing. Over the coming months, this fantastic range of people will nurture each other to create writing in a multitude of genres and on a plethora of topics. Head to our feature page to find out more.
Interested in contributing to Writing for All? Attending events and workshops? Showcasing work by isolated and marginalised writers? Or supporting the distribution of valuable resources for writers and educators? Sign up to our newsletter and follow us on Twitter to be among the first to know about opportunities like this that will go live across Season Two.

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