As Roald Dahl once said:

“Writing is like going on a very long walk across valleys and mountains. When you get the first view of what you see, you write it down and then you walk a bit further. You go on day after day getting different views of the same landscape. The last view is the very best view of all, you can look back and see everything that you have done.”


Paper Nations is a creative landscape for all who dare to write. The adventure begins when you pick up your pen and start to tell your own story. You can wander through the pages at your own pace, imagining worlds, bringing characters to life and exploring the art of writing.

Paper Nations is sending out a call to all children, young people and grown-ups who care about creative writing. If, like us, you want to see the art of creative writing thrive in your schools, homes and communities then get in touch. Perhaps you have an idea for a creative writing project in your school? Paper Nations can help to bring your vision to life.

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