To change creative writing education and inspire a nation of young creative writers, we need everyone. Paper Nations is working with partners and fellow literary organisations across the south-west and England to change the state of creative writing for young people in the UK. Find out more below and how you can get involved.

Creative writing merges intelligence with the heart, enables us to communicate with others, helps us grow in confidence, self-awareness and self-esteem.David Almond, Paper Nations Chief Ambassador

Paper Nations is a creative writing partnership initiative located in TRACE, the Research Centre for Transnational Creativity and Education, at Bath Spa University. Paper Nations’ 2016-18 programme is supported by the Arts Council England Creative Writing in Schools fund.

The programme involves four key partnership projects between Bath Spa University Creative Writing Faculty and Institute for Education, Bath Festivals, the National Association of Writers in Education (NAWE), Poetry Can, StoryHive and a thriving community of local schools and arts organisations.


Writing is a core part of our culture. The ability to write well boosts our capacity to engage with life, learning, work and friends. But, whilst there are many great examples of excellent support for young writers across the UK, access is unevenly distributed. Many young people do not get the help that they need to flourish and develop their talents.  


We envisage a future in which everyone, including young people and their families and friends, can access regular, high quality support to enjoy and develop a talent for the art of writing.


Through a programme of creative investigation and dialogue, we will create and share resources that help to sustain, expand and celebrate the culture of support for writing so that more young people can develop their writing talent.


In 2017/18, our core objectives are:

  • To continue to discuss, research and identify strengths in existing UK provision for young writers so that we develop a shared understanding of what works
  • To celebrate the culture of creative writing in the UK and make provision more visible to young people, families and schools
  • To use our research and evidence base to establish routes to accreditation, enabling young people and writers/teachers to gain formal recognition for their writing and leadership
  • To further research and identify gaps and barriers to service and to test solutions – especially around two key issues raised in last year’s research and evaluation: inclusivity and economic sustainability
  • To engage decision makers in dialogue about the future of writing in England


Our five core goals correspond to five key outputs:

  1. The Writer Development Canvas
  2. Dare to Write?
  3. A Creative Writing Award
  4. Success Factors for Sustainability
  5. The Art of Writing

Credits for the Paper Nations 2016-18 CWis Programme

The lead authors involved in the development of our 2016-18 CWiS outputs are Bambo Soyinka (the Principle Author) and Lucy Sweetman (the co-investigator). We have had specialist input from Seraphima Kennedy (NAWE), Hazel Plowman (Bath Festivals), Janett Bluett, Janine Amos and a team of creative partners and collaborators.

David Almond, the award-winning author of Skellig and My Name is Mina, is our chief creative champion.

Nick Sorenson from the BSU Institute of Education has helped to reach Schools in south-west England and pilot our professional development programme.

Further information

For further information about our vision or about credits for individual outputs, please contact .

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