Funded by Arts Council England’s strategic fund for Creative Writing in Schools, Paper Nations is the new creative writing hub for young people.

By fostering creative writing in communities and schools for the benefit of children and young people everywhere, Paper Nations aims to change the landscape of creative writing education for good.

As our Chief Ambassador, David Almond, says: ‘Creative writing merges intelligence with the heart, enables us to communicate with others, helps us grow in confidence, self-awareness and self-esteem.’

Led by Bath Spa University and working in partnership with Bath Festivals and the National Association of Writers in Education, this ambitious project brings together the best and most innovative arts organisations, creative writers and academics with a common purpose: to inspire a creative nation of young writers.

To change creative writing education and inspire a nation of young creative writers, we need everyone. and let us know how Paper Nations can help you, or scroll down to see how you can get involved.

Children and Young People

With Dare to Write, we aim to get young people like you writing. Get involved by following the blog, Facebook or Twitter feed. There, we’ll share regular writing prompts, challenges and ideas, as well other news and opportunities. And if you’ve written a story based on one of our prompts, we’d love to see it and share it with our community. Send it to us via Twitter or Facebook.

Got a favourite writer that you’d love to have come to your school to share their creative writing secrets? Contact them by email or social media to let them know about our pilot creative writing tutor scheme.

Get your parents involved! Show them this page: the section below is all about how parents can support Paper Nations.

Tell your teachers: we want to find 100 schools to pioneer our new creative writing programme, and one of them could be yours. There are more details about how schools can get involved further down this page.


Follow us on Facebook or Twitter for all the latest Paper Nations news, updates, opportunities and resources. Keep a look-out for our #DaretoWrite challenges, which will involve fun, accessible ways you can encourage your children to write. You might even want to join in!

Contact your children’s school about bringing Paper Nations to their classrooms: we want to find 100 schools to participate in our new national creative writing programme. We can provide support or training for parents or teachers who want to set up writing clubs.

Got other ideas about how Paper Nations could help bring creative writing to young people in your community? .

Teachers and Schools

We want to find 100 schools to pioneer our new national creative writing programme. Through this programme, a creative writing tutor will come to your school to deliver ten inspiring, pre-planned workshops to your students, at a cost of just £500. Find more details here.

We also want to collaborate on other storytelling and creative writing project ideas you might have. and we’ll see if we can help turn the idea into reality, from supporting with planning to funding up to 50% of the costs.


If you’re a published writer wanting to share your love of creative writing in schools, we want to hear from you. We’re looking for writers to become part of the Paper Nations community, planning and delivering creative writing workshops in our partner schools. Find out more and sign up here.

Have another idea for an innovative creative writing project for young people? We may be able to provide up to 75% of the costs. Find out how and get in touch.

Libraries and Bookstores

We’re excited to spread the word about Paper Nations, and to do that we need your help. If you’re interested in showcasing posters or other promotional material, please .

Got an idea for a creative writing project with young writers in your community? and we’ll see if we can help.

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