The Creative Writing in Schools programme funded by Arts Council England (ACE) aimed to inspire young people to write creatively and for pleasure. ACE set up this programme in response to concerns about a lack of creative writing opportunities in schools, and the impact this could have on children and young people’s creativity and cultural education. First Story and Paper Nations were recipients of this fund.

Dare to Write libraryAfter three years of hard work and collaboration with young people and writers, we have finished our Creative Writing and Schools Programme. We are now preparing for the release of our final set of evidence-backed resources and reports.

Our release programme began at the end of February with a special report from our evaluator LKMco containing recommendations for the creative writing sector. The LKMco report explores how individuals and organisations across the country can continue to champion and support writing for young people.

April will see the unveiling of the new phase of the Dare to Write? Library and the Dare to Write? Atlas portals – two new resources that aim to help writers of any age, background, or level, experience the joy of writing.

Finally in June, we will release The Writer Development Cycle and the Dare to Write? Academy – providing case studies, digital resources and ongoing professional development for anyone supporting young or emerging writers.

We’d like to thank everyone who contributed to the Creative Writing in Schools programme. Although the programme has now finished, the legacy will continue. Many of the resources that we are creating will provide the groundwork for a new programme of work that we are currently developing. You can read more here about our new Writing for All Programme, funded through ACE’s ‘Ambition for Excellence’.

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