Dare to Write?

Challenge 3: Dare to Write!

Now that you’ve explored different types of writing and chosen your writing tools, it’s time to get started with some writing dares.

Writing Dare: Creatively describe your surroundings

You could be going to the dentist, to a party, out for lunch, to the park or maybe you’re staying in the house or the garden; wherever you are, take the time to jot down some words / thoughts / feelings about that specific place. Then, you can use your notes to write a description of that place.

Get some ideas

To get started, why not see if you can answer these questions. Write in your notepad, tablet, phone, computer or wherever else you keep your notes.

  • What colours can you see?
  • What do those colours remind you of? A tropical bird? A winter’s morning?
  • What things or objects can you see?
  • What words can you think of to describe those objects? Small? Round? Mechanical?
  • What does the place smell like? Bananas? The sea? Your granddad? A freshly baked cake? Christmas?
  • What does the place feel like? As cold as a freezer? Hot like the Sahara desert? Scary? Cramped? Open?
  • What do the objects in the room feel like? Bumpy like a toad’s back? Soft like a cloud?
Write your description

Using the words and phrases you’ve gathered, write a description of the place. Make your description sound so real that anyone who read it would feel like they’ve really been there. To do this, try describing everything in detail with lots of descriptive words and descriptive features such as adjectives, similes and metaphors. Don’t feel like you have to include all of your ideas, choose the ones you like best and go from there.

We love to read your descriptive writing, so be sure to ask your parent or guardian to send us a photo of your discoveries via Facebook or Twitter. Of course, you can post it yourself if it’s okay with your folks.

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