Dare to Write? Find something to read!

Welcome to the first challenge in our Summer Writing Quest. Either you or your child are about to spend the next few weeks over the holidays getting excited about writing. Thank you for choosing to get inspired with us!

Over the summer, you get to find out what you like to read, but also what kind of story you like to write. These aren’t always the same thing! You might prefer to read comic books, but love writing scary stories. You’re also going to learn about what creative writing really means. Creative writing can be almost anything, which is why it is already around you far more than you realise. Once we’re done with you, you’ll see stories everywhere!

How are you going to do this, you ask? Well, by completing our four challenges. Once you complete the four challenges, you become a master of the quest! And well on your way to becoming a writer.

Your first challenge is to start discovering the different kinds of writing around you. You might not realise that many of these count as creative writing. You probably have an idea of which book genres appeal to you the most. You might like horror best, or you might prefer a fantasy book. That’s great because we love to meet people who enjoy a good book.

Summer Reading Challenge

To help you the first part of the quest you might want to consider taking part in the Summer Reading Challenge. The Summer Reading Challenge takes place every year during the summer holidays. You can sign up at your local library, then read six library books of your choice to complete the Challenge. There are exclusive rewards to collect along the way, and it’s FREE to take part!

The Summer Reading Challenge website helps you find new books to read, take part in competitions, and play games. You can also talk to other kids completing the Challenge and share your experiences.

Discover a world of words around you

Beyond books, there are other places to find things to read. A lot of the writing in everyday places, like certain types of YouTube episodes, count as creative writing. We are going to help you search for these.

To find out what kinds of creative writing there are in the world, take some time to explore your house or local town. There might be a story in a song on the radio that tugs at your heartstrings. Or you might be inspired by a news story of a heroic survivor. Or for something a bit more light-hearted, watch a bit of your favourite comedian. They often tell jokes through stories, so that definitely counts as creative writing because they had to write those stories. Does the commentator at a local football game tell you about the lives of the players? Did they overcome an injury to get this far? That’s a kind of story, too!

Here are some more examples about types of writing you might find…

  • When you are in your local park, look for some signs. Could you think of the story behind why that sign is there? For example, a sign saying “Keep off the grass” sounds pretty boring, right? Well, it could be there because someone tried to bring a tank onto the grass and ruined it! Or a load of supermodels in super high heels could have got stuck in the grass and had to be rescued by firefighters! There are a lot of stories behind simple pieces of writing.
  • Google the author of a book you’ve read and enjoyed. They might have written other books that are right for you as well.
  • Watch Newsround on CBBC or go to the Newsround website. There are lots of stories of courageous people there. Which one inspires you the most?
  • Look at the displays around your school, church, or a local sport/leisure centre. What stories do the displays tell about the communities, events, students, staff, or athletes in your local area?
  • Go to the library and ask our local librarian to help you find a new genre of book, comic, or manga that suits you.
  • If you’re feeling up to more of a challenge, you could sign up to the library’s Summer Reading Challenge 2017. This year’s theme is Animal Agents. (Scroll down to the bottom of the page for more information.)

Once you have found some writing you think is interesting then:

  • Print the writing out if you found it online. You can save the website’s URL or link too if it is a video or you cannot print it.
  • Copy the writing down if you found it in real life, like on a sign. You can write it down in any of the crazy creative ways we explored in challenge one.
  • If you cannot print your online piece of writing out, then you can write down some notes so you can remember what the piece of writing was about.

We’re really looking forward to seeing what type of writing you find! Remember you or your parent or guardian can send us a photo of your discoveries via Facebook or Twitter. We would love to show your ideas to the world.

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If you want even more inside information, you can sign up to our weekly prompts here. These are creative ideas to get your writing started. They’re great to print out and stick on the fridge or whiteboard. Ask your parent or guardian to sign up for you. Or make sure that you get their permission before you sign up.

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