Dare to Write?

Challenge 1: Find something to read!

Welcome to the first challenge in the Writing Quest – getting ready to write.


What kind of books do you like to read? What do you like to write about? These aren’t always the same thing.You might prefer to read comic books, but love writing scary stories. Or maybe you like to write songs or write adverts. As you work through the quest, you’ll soon be able to see creative writing everywhere and in the most unusual places.


Your first challenge is to discover and read the words around you. Look at your shampoo bottle, your cereal packaging, album covers, board game packaging, YouTube content; you might not even realise these are examples of creative writing.


There might be a story in a song on the radio that tugs at your heartstrings. Look up the lyrics on the internet. Or you might be inspired by a news story of a heroic survivor. Or, for something a bit more light-hearted, watch a bit of your favourite funny television programme. Jokes are often told through stories.

There are even examples of creative writing on the sports field. Does the commentator at a local football game tell you about the lives of the players? Did they overcome an injury to get this far?

Here are just a few examples of other places you can look:

The Local Park
Look at the signs. Create a story about why the sign might be there in the first place. For example, a sign saying “Keep off the grass” sounds pretty boring, right? But when you imagine why they had to put the sign there you can come up with lots of different and bizarre stories. Maybe 20 years ago an evil villain built a secret lair under the grass and is using that sign as a decoy. Or maybe there is quicksand underneath.

Whether it’s real or imagined, there can be lots of stories behind simple pieces of writing.

The Internet
Google the author of a book you’ve read and enjoyed. You may find they have written other books that are right for you as well.

The News
Watch Newsround on CBBC or go to the Newsround website. There are lots of stories of courageous people there. Think about how the writing makes people sound inspirational. What makes it a piece of creative writing?

Local Displays
Look at the displays around your school, church, or a local sport / leisure centre. What stories do the displays tell about the communities, events, students, staff, or athletes in your local area?

The Library
Go to the library and ask our local librarian to help you find a new genre of book, comic, or manga that suits you.

Now you’ve found usual examples of writing, you can:

  • Print, save or copy the website’s URL if you found the writing online.
  • Copy what you have read on to a piece of paper or notebook if you have seen the writing at home or while you are out. (We will explore the different tools you can use for writing in Challenge 2).
  • Or simply take a mental note and jot it down later if you can’t print it, save it or write it down when you see it.

We’re really looking forward to seeing what type of writing you find! Remember you or your parent or guardian can send us a photo of your discoveries via Facebook or Twitter. Of course, you can post it yourself if it’s okay with your folks.

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