Dare to Write?

Challenge 2: Get the tools!

Tools for writing when out

As long as you can take it with you, you can pretty much write with anything you like. When you’re out and about, it could be a pen or pencil and some paper OR you could use a tablet, phone or computer.

Tools for writing at home

While you’re at home you can use far more unusual things to write with. You could write with chalk on the pavement or on a fence or wall outside. If your parents have an old pillowcase, t-shirt or any old fabric they are going to throw away, you could write on the fabric with washable fabric pens. You might have some fridge magnets with words on them. These would be great for coming up with ideas over cereal. Try making some cupcakes and ice a different word onto each one. Re-arrange the words before eating them, see what ideas spring to mind.

You could use a whiteboard pen (NOT a permanent marker) to write on a window, a mirror or the glass of a photo frame. That way, you can wake up with creative ideas literally around your head!

Choose your favourite tools

Try out as many writing tools and writing surfaces as you like (with permission of course) before picking which ones you want to stick with.

We love to see examples of your usual, weird or wonderful ways of writing, so be sure to ask your parent or guardian to send us a photo of your discoveries via Facebook or Twitter. Of course, you can post it yourself if it’s okay with your folks.

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