Dare to Write? Get the tools

Challenge Two

Well done on getting to the second challenge! You’re second challenge is to find the equipment that you like to write with. You can write with anything you like, as long as you have something portable so you can write down your ideas wherever you are. That could mean a pen and paper, or pencil so you can rub out mistakes. Or you could use something electronic if you can tap a screen and make sentences in seconds. The most important thing is that you are comfortable and happy to get writing.

While you’re at home you can use far more unusual things to write with. You could write with chalk on the pavement or on a fence or wall outside. If your parents have an old pillowcase or T-shirt they are going to throw away, you could write on the fabric with washable fabric pens. Or you might have some fridge magnets with words on them. These would be great for coming with ideas over cereal. If you’re a baker, you could make some cupcakes and ice a different word onto each one. Then you can rearrange the words and see what ideas spring to mind.

You could write with a whiteboard pen (NOT a permanent marker!) on the glass of a photo frame. Or you could write ideas around your mirror with whiteboard pen as well. That way, you can wake up with creative ideas literally around your head!

Try out as many different methods of writing as you like before picking which one you want to stick with. Of course you need to be allowed to use the equipment. Definitely make sure you ask the permission of a parent or guardian before you take a notepad or go writing on the furniture!

You must have your favourite writing tool before you move on to challenge two!

If you come up with any unusual, weird, or wonderful ways of writing, we would love to see a photo! Either you or your parent or guardian can send them to us via Twitter or Facebook.

Good luck!

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If you want even more inside information, you can sign up to our weekly prompts HERE. These are creative ideas to get your writing started. They’re great to print out and stick on the fridge or whiteboard. Ask your parent or guardian to sign up for you. Or make sure that you get their permission before you sign up.

Where to buy equipment

Doodle washout fabric pens
Coloured fabric pens (order online)
Crayola Felt Tip Pens
Washable felt tips (order online or in person)


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