We believe writing is for everybody. But it’s often difficult to find out about help on offer nearby.

Last year, we made steps to remove this barrier by mapping out the writing resources and opportunities available to young people across the UK. We collated this information and shared it via the interactive, searchable map and an events calendar on our creative writing sourcebook, daretowrite.org. This allowed any young person to discover support nearby.

This year, we want to do the same for writers of all ages, from any background, working in any form, and with any amount of experience.

That’s why, between 11th-29th March, we’re asking you to tell us what’s on offer near you.

Just think: Who are the key members of the writing community around you, supporting other writers with mentoring, running a blog, courses, or by hosting events? Does your town have an arts centre, bookshop or library that actively helps writers find inspiration? Are you putting on a series of workshops but can’t seem to get your message to the right people?

We can help make sure the writing community knows about these wonderful individuals and groups.

Submit your examples of writing events, resources, and opportunities
Mapping the Creative Landscape

Our Creative Director, Bambo Soyinka, said: “We want to ensure that any writer can easily find out about nearby writing opportunities and discover the writing community around them. One of the largest barriers to accessibility is awareness. By collecting and sharing information, anyone can see where and when writing groups and courses are happening in their town or neighbourhood.”

Paper Nations - what kind of writing opportunities will we share?How Can I Submit?

Use the survey button above, or this link: https://goo.gl/forms/9i3gqzw4ExRhc5LC2

You can submit as many examples as you want. They could be something that you run yourself, have taken part in, or have heard about. You can put multiple examples in the same survey entry, or if you run out of space, fill the survey out multiple times.

We’ll share all relevant, high quality opportunities on Dare to Write?. Together we will map out the landscape of the creative writing community and make writing opportunities more accessible.

Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in contact on .

How the Data Will Fuel Paper Nations’ Research

The data submitted will also contribute towards the foundation of evidence which underpins Paper Nations’ work and research outputs, such as case studies and writer development resources. Through these outputs, we aim to make writing more accessible on every level, from the craft itself, to sustaining a career in the industry.

Paper Nations is committed to ensuring that all types of writer are supported, including the diverse and innovative writers who work in mixed media like poetry films, or burgeoning forms of writing such as flash fiction. Finding out about the creative writing landscape will also help the organisation understand where communities are underserved. This new phase of Paper Nations’ work will focus on ensuring that writing and writing opportunities are available to everyone, wherever they are.

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