The Writer Development Cycle (WDC) is a guide to how writers learn and develop their craft. Educators, learning directors, editors and publishing professionals can use the WDC to build their own creative writing services and programmes, ensuring that the needs of writers are addressed using good practice principles.

The cycle takes the form of a solar system. It is non-linear, non-prescriptive, and adaptable to each writer’s needs – because every creative life cycle is different.

The WDC is rooted in evidence reflecting the experience and knowledge of over 700 authors, tutors and organisations. Supplementary to the Writer Development Cycle sourcebook is a collection of case studies, highlighting how some of the best tutors and organisations across England put these principles into action, living examples to inform and inspire other educators wishing to create or further develop a writing course or experience.

Man writing
People writing
woman writing

The WDC is authored by Professor Bambo Soyinka and Lucy Sweetman. Several working papers of the WDC have already been released and previewed in partnership with the National Association of Writers in Education. A digital version will be released in Spring 2020 alongside a series of case studies. From Summer 2020, professional development courses for educators interested in the WDC will be advertised through the Dare to Write? Academy.

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