Writing for All

We want to make writing part of our national life - an art for everyone - and for writing and media industries to be more representative of the country as a whole. We’re doing this through our Writing For All programme. Find out what’s coming up in Season 3.

Bulletins From The Edge

Immerse yourself in this carefully crafted series of fifteen poetry films, adapting poetry and prose submitted to The Great Margin. Each film encapsulates a different facet of isolation from the fringes of the writing world.

The Writer's Cycle

Available now! The Writer’s Cycle is a valuable free resource to help writing educators create workshops, programmes, events and more which respond to the needs of their students. Get started discovering your writing cycle.

I Even Dream in Haiku

Experience a day in the life of a writer, examining inspirations and touchstones for creativity and empathy, in this collaborative series of Haiku Films, crowd-sourced from The Daily Haiku’s 5,000-strong community of writers.
Interested in contributing to Writing for All? Attending events and workshops? Showcasing work by isolated and marginalised writers? Or supporting the distribution of valuable resources for writers and educators? Sign up to our newsletter and follow us on Twitter to be among the first to know about opportunities like this that will go live across Season Two.

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