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The challenge is on to find 100 schools to pioneer our new national writing programme. The Paper Nations Writing Programme is a creative learning space for inspiring writers: where children and grown-ups can discover the art of writing and making stories together. If you want to take part, there are two ways to bring this exciting new programme to your school.

The easiest way to get involved is to apply for a creative writing tutor to visit your school. The tutor will come to your school with pre-prepared lesson plans and deliver inspiring workshops to introduce pupils to the joy of writing. The school provides the room and the Paper Nations tutor will do all the hard work for you. For qualifying schools, a Creative Writing tutor in your school costs just £500 for 10 sessions.

The workshops have a flexible structure and can take place every week, or in agreed blocks of time during the term or holidays. Everyone who takes part, including pupils and teachers, can submit their creative writing portfolio for a nationally recognised award. We can also provide platforms for young people to present their work at festivals and events.

You may have your own ideas for teaching the art of storytelling and creative writing. If so, we are happy to listen and to help you develop them. The creative writing tutor will support you to develop your lesson plans and can even join you for some of the workshops.

Or perhaps you have something more ambitious in mind? Do you want to:

  • Set up a local hub for young writers across different schools?
  • Access training that will help you to find your inner writer and develop high quality writing programmes?
  • Find the time or money to step away from teaching for a short period of time to access training or develop your idea?

We can help you to scope, plan and craft your vision. You could even receive up to 50% of the final costs, especially if your project involves work with pupils from low-income backgrounds.

We are currently assessing expressions of interest as they come in. We are happy to hear from anyone involved in the life of the school: teachers, parents, young people, teaching assistants and librarians. To find out more, drop us a line at or fill in the online form.

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