Get the Dare to Write Library on Film!

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Paper Nations champions approaches to the art of writing that are inclusive, playful and exploratory. Growing out of extensive research and consultation with practitioners, our creative writing in schools programme aims to enhance existing creative writing provision for young people in England in a sustainable way.

Tender Opportunity

As part of Paper Nations’ commitment to sustaining writing activity, we are inviting production companies and videographers in the Bath and Bristol area to apply for £7,000 to produce seven videos. These videos will relate to The Dare to Write Library, a workshop developed by Book Kernel and delivered in partnership with Bath Spa University. Combining storytelling, bookbinding and digital technology, the workshop is the perfect start to someone’s Dare to Write? journey, exploring the art of writing.

At the core of Dare to Write? are eight creative activities. The first activity encourages children to use a notebook as a personal space for exploration and play with the following seven activities due be revealed on the Dare to Write? platform this summer.

How can I apply?

We are inviting applications up until Monday 13th August 2018. To start the process of application, please contact us at for a Project Pitch form.


The deadline for submissions has been extended to Monday 20th August 2018.

Author: Joanna Nissel Tags: Dare To Write, News, Opportunities