Season 3 of Writing for All

We are now in our third and final season of our 2019-21 Writing for All programme. This season of work focuses on celebrating the work of our community, and drawing together our activities to make writing more accessible to more people.

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About the Greenbook

The Writing For All Greenbook is a comprehensive guide to writing in the South West, packed with expert advice, practical information, and inspiration. It will be a resource for writers, writing facilitators, and organisers, signposting writers to skills and support, opportunities, and career development.

It takes its name from the original Greenbook, which provided a list of safe places for African American travellers to stay before the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and enabled them to travel. In the same way, The Writing For All Greenbook puts diversity and inclusivity at the heart of the writing in the South West and aims to provide a wealth of knowledge to guide all writers on their journeys. The Greenbook is an original concept by Paper Nations founder Bambo Soyinka.

The Greenbook is not a listings directory, advertising writing facilitators and organisations; it is organised to bring all aspects of a writer’s practice together in a comprehensive travel guide. It contextualises information within a creative pedagogy, responding to issues raised in our research findings, (such as the need for community and barriers to taking part), and provides more in-depth coverage and broader coverage than traditional listings (such as career pathways and staying safe online).

In addition to publishing accurate up-to-date information about opportunities on offer, and how people can access them, it will also empower people to understand the relevance of different activities – how closely they match their needs, interests and experience, which will enable them to make informed choices.

Get Involved:

An initial call for contributions to The Writing for All Greenbook ran in summer 2020 alongside consultation sessions in 2020-21 with our Advisory Groups and at events such as regional network groups with the National Association of Writers in Education.

In March-July 2021, we are collating the final contributions to the Greenbook. The Writing for All Greenbook will be published in Autumn 2021. If you would like more information on the Greenbook or would like to participate, please email Christina Sanders at:

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