Writing for All is a new programme that aims to invigorate the culture of writing within the South West of England, and across the UK.

We want to make writing part of our national life - an art for everyone - and for writing and media industries to be much more representative of the country as a whole.

We want to break down the barriers to writing, enabling writers from all places and backgrounds to write, learn their craft, and pursue a creative path.

We want to empower more people to write their stories and for those stories to be heard.

We are here to make Writing for All and we’re asking for your help.

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Season One of Writing For All: The Call for Action

Hear The Call

Are you a writer looking for support or access to experienced writers, events, workshops, and the industry?

Perhaps you’re a writer, publisher, community leader, educator or someone to wants to see writing, narrative and words thrive in communities and across industries?

If so, Writing for All is for you.

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