We are here to make Writing for All. Here’s how we’ll do it and how you can take part.

Season One (July 2019 to Feb 2020):​ The Call for Action

Each month we introduced new opportunities or calls for you to get involved in person or online.

We announced commissions for writers to create new work. We collaborated with councils to open up spaces for people to write, talk, and meet. We launched calls for people and organisations to contribute time, expertise, or money to help us with one of our ​Writing for All ​themes. For example, creating diversity within the writing industries, exploring innovative forms of writing, or expanding the potential of the South West of England as a region for writers.

We also continued to survey and map the landscape of writing.

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Season Two: (March 2020 to Dec 2020): ​The Great Margin

In Season Two, writers developed work using the commission funds and spaces we have found in which to write.

We launched ​The Great Margin,​ a mass participation project giving voice to marginalised writers and readers. Our commissioned writers developed and showcase their work throughout the South West of England and internationally. We built a network of spaces for writers to explore their art. Our CPD (Continuing Professional Development) programme helped writers develop both their craft and their career. We shared stories from writers facing barriers, telling new stories about writing, and what it means to be a writer.

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Season Three: (March 2021 to September 2021) ​Writers Summit & Greenbook

This is the final part of our adventure, when we reach the end of our journey and reflect on what we have achieved. We will present the projects, people and learning from the programme at our second Writers Summit. We will publish the ‘​Writing for All Greenbook’, a comprehensive guide to writing in the South West.

Be a Part of Writing For All

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  3. Tell us one thing you can do to help us make Writing for All, or a way we can help you by emailing writers@papernations.org.

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