About Paper Nations

Paper Nations is a creative writing incubator. We commission writers throughout the South West of England to create new work, we nurture local communities of support for writers, and we create multi-channel partnerships to showcase new writing internationally.

At the heart of Paper Nations is a desire to help everyone enjoy and appreciate the art of writing. Growing out of extensive research and consultation with practitioners, we ensure that our initiatives are relevant through an ongoing project to map the writing landscape, identify gaps in provision and enhance the existing writing ecology in a sustainable way.

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Every three years we identify a new priority area of focus. Over the last three years, we have focused our work on increasing creative writing opportunities for children and young people. Building on our success and the partnerships we have forged, we have now turned our attention to the theme of ‘diversity and innovation’ and we are launching a new Writing for All Programme for people of all ages and backgrounds.

Our vision is an inclusive literary ecology – a culture of excellence in participation, where industry, education, and arts work together to support diverse writers.

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