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Work with Paper Nations

Paper Nations was the recipient of two Arts Council grants and used them to complete two phases of work:

2015-18 The Creative Writing In Schools Fund

The fund was created to enable children from places with socio-economic barriers to the arts and with the least engagement in the arts, to enjoy, learn and be inspired by art and culture. Paper Nations and First Story were awarded the fund in October 2015.

The fund aimed to equip young people to write and express themselves imaginatively and skilfully, especially those who have not had access to such opportunities before. It aimed to help build a thriving cultural sector in these regions by fostering relationships between schools and arts/cultural organisations, enriching the professional development of both the writers involved and the teaching staff, to grow provision for young people in the future.

Read more about the Creative Writing in Schools Fund.

2019-21 Writing for All (Supported through Ambition for Excellence)

The Ambition for Excellence fund aims to:

  • contribute to the development of strong cultural places
  • grow and develop talent and leadership across England and across art forms
  • give an international dimension to excellent work
  • create the highest quality new work, including for outdoor and festival contexts

Paper Nations will use this fund to produce their 2019-21 Writing for All programme of work.

Read more about the Ambition for Excellence Fund.

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