Channel Partners Past and Present:

Channel partners are organisations who collaborate with us to provide a platform to writers, for example hosting and/or co-producing events or providing publishing opportunities. If you’d like to become a channel partner, please contact

National Association of Writers in Education

NAWE's mission is to further knowledge, understanding and enjoyment of Creative Writing and to support good practice in its teaching and learning at all levels. NAWE was one of the central partners in Paper Nations’ 2016-18 programme and is a source of continual support and expertise. In 2019-21, they will continue to feed into our research, particularly the consultation of mid-to-advanced career writers and the establishment of and research into writing networks.

Bath Festivals

Bath Festivals is a charity that brings some of the finest international musicians, speakers and writers to entertain audiences in the beautiful venues and spaces of the world heritage city of Bath. By creating innovative and diverse programmes, their festivals inspire and provide unique experiences for residents and visitors to Bath.

Bath Festivals was a key partner on the Paper Nations 2016-18 programme. Our Writing for All programme builds on this relationship.


StoryHive is a media production and publishing house that creates platforms that blend books, games and films with real-life experiences. Book Kernel is an imprint/platform of StoryHive with a focus on creating ‘living’ books. Book Kernel provides a unique ethos and approach to celebrating the ever-evolving relationship between living, speaking, writing and making books.

Since 2016, StoryHive has collaborated with Bath Spa University and Paper Nations to embed the principles of Book Kernel into the programme. Dare to Write? is one of the key results of this collaboration.

Corsham Town Council

As the heart of one of our ‘Writing Destinations’ Corsham Town Council have been an integral part of our work in the Corsham Community. With their leadership we co-produced the first annual family writing festival, Corsham StoryTown, in 2018. This relationship is only set to grow as we continue to focus on Corsham as a year-round destination for writing.

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Paper Nations partnerships and collaborators, past and present:

We would like to thank everyone who has been involved with Paper Nations so far, including:

Book Kernel, Poetry Can, Read for Good, Corsham Town Council, LKMCo, 5x5x5 = Creativity, The Eden Project, Numbi Arts, eQuality Time, Africa Writes, The Arvon Foundation, First Story, Rosetta Life, Real Ideas Organisation, Rather Nice Design, Chris Joseph at Bilden Ltd., City Editions, Winged Chariot, the Bath Spa University Volunteers in Social Media, InkPots, Cheltenham Festivals, MakeBelieve Arts, Trinity College, Prime Theatre, Peahen Publishing, Pound Arts, Corsham Bookshop, Camomile Cafe, The John Parker Gallery, Libby Liburd, Anna Wilson, Laurie Stansfield, Matthew Tett, The Guild, Literature Works, Bath Theatre Bus, Nick Sorenson, Kerenza Njoh, Amy Barrett, Jane Bluett, Dionne McCulloch, John Young, Hazel Plowman, Seraphima Kennedy.

The host of authors who have worked with us across the years, including: David Almond, Chris Vick, Mimi Thebo, Julia Green, Anthony Nanson, Rebecca Tantony, Malaika Kegode, Steve Voake, Lu Hersey, Robin Etherington, Caleb Parkin, Janine Amos, Alice Maddicott, Lucy Coats, Holly Graham, Martin Brown, Katherine Woodfine, Julia Golding, Lucy Condon, Roxanne Barbon, Elmi Ali, Jennifer Lunn, Jacob Sam-La Rose, Philip Gross, Miriam Nash, Philip Monks, Anna Mace, Sam Gayton, and Joanna Nadin.

And finally, the many, many schools, teachers, librarians and educators across the South West.

Without the help of these people, our work would not have succeeded.

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