Paper Nations is located within Bath Spa University’s Research Centre for Transnational Creativity and Education (TRACE).

TRACE is the home of interdisciplinary creative work and research. MA and PhD students study and work within the intersections of forms, fields, and languages.

TRACE’s 2019-24 mission, entitled Creativity Led Us Here, is to create a series of ‘cultural maps’ representing the dynamic borderlines between creativity, learning, and research. To take this mission forward, they will develop a programme of research and development across four ‘cross-border’ themes for creativity and education.

More information about TRACE and Creativity Led Us Here is available here.


TRACE believes that everyone can innovate and everyone benefits when research is accessible to all. To this end, TRACE works hard to find ways to work with individuals and groups that feel excluded from major cultural, creative and educational institutions. TRACE continually aims to inspire innovation and establish a greater physical presence in local communities, with the priority on maintaining positive and empowering relationships with all collaborators whether individuals, communities, or organisations.

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