The Most Magical Time of the Year… A Writing Dare by Chris Vick

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Children’s author Chris Vick has a real treat for you… a brand new Christmas writing dare! Read on to discover the holiday magic.   Flying reindeer, naughty elves, Scrooge’s ghosts . . . There’s no doubt about it, Christmas is a time of magic: dark nights, crackling fires, whispering winds and frosty fields. When time freezes, the rules of logic … Read More

Dare to Write: Christmas Decoration Discovery

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Baubles, tinsel, lights and ornaments are our inspiration for this week’s writing challenge! Imagine this… You find something strange in a box of Christmas decorations. What is it and where has it come from? Who did it belong to, and what will you do with it now? Will your discovery change what happens this Christmas? If you’re not sure where … Read More

Dare to Write: Who Ate Santa’s Snacks?

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Christmas is almost here! So, for our last Dare to Write challenge of 2016, imagine this: You come downstairs on Christmas morning to find the snacks you left out for Santa gone. All that’s left are crumbs and an empty glass. Who ate them? Santa or someone else? Did they do anything else while they were there? And have they … Read More

Dare to Write: Advent Calendar Antics

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We’re guessing lots of you opened the first doors on your advent calendars yesterday! Advent calendars count down the days to Christmas, with each door revealing a picture or present of some kind (usually small toys or chocolate, though there are some with puzzles, poems and other intriguing items hidden in each box!). For this week’s writing dare, start a … Read More