As well as a creative writing incubator, Paper Nations is a research entity. As we work towards a culture of writing for all, we are constantly conducting creative investigations and gathering findings to explore obstacles facing writers today.

woman with notepadThe Paper Nations team is made up of writers, researchers, and educators based in TRACE at Bath Spa University’s Research and Enterprise Office. We are also lucky to be able to draw on the collective knowledge base of Bath Spa University’s Creative Writing Department. We consult with contemporary writers to make resources and initiatives as relevant as possible. Consultation takes place in the form of strategic governance groups, ad hoc consultation, and through the use of Associate Authors, Directors and Advisors who embody the needs of the writing community and house the expertise and skills to make real change.

Through the course of our investigations since 2016, we have acquired research expertise in:

Exploratory, Fun, Writer-led Pedagogy

Since Paper Nations’ inception, we have piloted writing workshops for young people in schools, festivals, libraries, and more, across the country. We tested methods for instilling a passion for the art of writing. From cities to countryside, affluent areas and areas of deprivation, the answer was always the same and led us to the following beliefs:

Creative writing education should be:

  • Exploratory: Creative writing emerges from free expression and exploration of ideas. Learning about writing should be done in a fluid way, which reflects the needs and interests of the individual.
  • Supported to Flourish: Individuals, groups, and organisations should collaborate at the local level to create communities where writing can flourish. Barriers and unequal access to provision should be identified and removed so as to make writing accessible to all.

In 2019-21, we are utilising this ethos to develop effective and sustainable support to change the industry for both adults and young people.

Creative Life Cycles

With the help of hundreds of writers, we have encapsulated the cycle through which writers journey as they develop their craft and build a life in the writing community.

This cycle underpins all of our projects, programmes, and resources.

More information on Creative Life Cycles will be released later this year.

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