Dare to Write? is a sourcebook of practical and inspirational resources for writers, available online, in print, and in person. The sourcebook is packed with resources for individuals, as well as live events and opportunities to unite in a celebration of writing.

Dare to Write? was created by Bambo Soyinka, Professor of Story at Bath Spa University, in collaboration with the research team at Paper Nations and with our wider community of authors, teachers and librarians.

Dare to Write? began as a young people’s workshop series in which Paper Nations piloted innovative teaching techniques that prioritised experimentation and fun in creative writing. We travelled across the South West delivering these workshops in schools, the Eden Project, Bath Festivals (inside a bus!), and in libraries.

Dare to Write? notepad and pencil
Dare to Write? Book Jam
Dare to Write? Library

In October 2018, we launched Dare to Write? in the form of an online platform for young people, which presented our ethos of writer-led exploration to the world. At the core of Dare to Write? is a series of eight prompts which allow any writer to explore their craft and continue their writing journey.

In Season One of our new 2019-21 programme, Writing For All, we will be re-launching Dare to Write? with a focus on adults and adult education. Young writers can still dare to experiment with writing on the Dare to Write? Library portal, access new resources, and explore the writing prompt generator.

In August 2019, we released the Dare to Write? Atlas, the portal dedicated to enabling writers to find and connect with the writing community around them. Access the community near you and read about our ‘Writing Destinations’ now.

Our final portal is the Dare to Write? Academy, a space where writers and researchers can access resources and CPD programmes, events, and workshops to develop their creative and research practices. Bookings for our Spring 2021 courses are now open! Read the programme on the 2021 Overview Page.

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Dare to Write?
Dare to Write? Library
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