Launching the Final Season of Writing For All

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We are pleased to announce the launch of the third and final season of our 2019-21 Writing for All programme. This season will explore the theme of journeying, using the sun as a metaphor for emergence, connection and celebration. As lockdown ends, we will highlight the work of our community, and draw together our activities to make writing more accessible.

Our first event will take place on 26th April – 9th May, and sees the return of the Stay-at-Home! Literary Festival. This will be a celebration of writing, with two weeks of free events and workshops. The Dare to Write? Team will lead activities on the theme of emergence at the festival. The original Stay-at-Home! Literary Festival was founded by bestselling author CJ Cooke with lead partner, Paper Nations, in March 2020.

In July, there will be a four-day MIX conference, exploring the intersection of writing and technology. The event will explore the theme of ‘amplification’ and will bring people together from around the world to make, think and talk.

Additionally, Paper Nations and TRACE will co-produce a special edition of Transnational Literature under the theme of ‘Follow the Sun’. The edition will be launched in early August. We will celebrate writing that migrates across the equator, and will champion new writers and writing initiatives from the upper South West of England, and will be inspired by the symbolism of the sun.

Finally, to mark the Equinox, on September 25th we will launch The Writing for All Greenbook. The original Greenbook provided a list of safe places for African American travellers to stay before the Civil Rights Act. The Writing For All Greenbook is a literary travel guide with diversity and inclusivity at its heart.

Through these initiatives, we will celebrate the writing journey in all its forms. As we step out of lockdown, united through our orbits of the same sun, we will come together to ensure an ethos of Writing for All.

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