Dare to Write: Christmas Decoration Discovery

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Christmas Decorations

Baubles, tinsel, lights and ornaments are our inspiration for this week’s writing challenge! Imagine this…

You find something strange in a box of Christmas decorations. What is it and where has it come from? Who did it belong to, and what will you do with it now? Will your discovery change what happens this Christmas?

If you’re not sure where to start, first make a list of what your decoration discovery could be. Perhaps it’s a photo, a poem or a love letter. Maybe it’s a cranky critter or an adorable, otherworldy oddity. Maybe it’s something as simple as a silver coin or a broken toy. Whatever your discovery is, once you’ve decided and described it in as much detail as you can, you’ll be able to get creative with ideas of what it might mean and what might happen next.

We’d love to read whatever you come up with! Send us your stories by email, Twitter or Facebook. We’ll share our favourites here and on social media.


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